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The Department of Entrepreneurial Studies at the Durban University of Technology strives to provide a quality educative experience including innovative curriculum development and teaching excellence, taking into consideration the needs of all learners by providing an environment that encourages and rewards excellence, appropriate market research, the identification of small business opportunities, and support and mentorship of small business development.
To achieve this, the department seeks to fulfill the following:

  • promote the intellectual, emotional, social and technological capacities of educators and learners so that they realise their highest potential as lifelong learners and researchers, managers and leaders in industry.
  • actively engage with communities for the exchange of relevant expertise and capacities which will expose learners to the business environment and develop integrated learning opportunities relevant to the needs of industry.
  • actively pursue new knowledge by research, conference attendance and meetings with industry.
  • actively promote the department in conjunction with the other institutions of higher learning as a regional centre of excellence with respect to entrepreneurship and small business management.

The Department of Management actively promotes the department in conjunction with the university as a regional centre of excellence with respect to Management studies and service industries. The Department is dedicated to : equipping the students with study skills and abilities for long term learning and to develop their leadership capacity, actively pursuing new knowledge by research, conference attendance and meetings with commerce and industry, which would update the appropriate courses of the programme and To encourage graduates to engage in management research.

Our dedication further focuses on: advancement in the use of new technologies and knowledge by encouraging the students to apply the skills developed by the programme, to continually encourage both students and staff to use and apply the new technologies and knowledge to organizations, to actively promote the Department in conjunction with the University as a regional centre of excellence with respect to management studies,tTo utilize the latest technological means of communication to disseminate knowledge of both students and industry.

The Management Department has the role of providing education in management theory and techniques. The primary qualifications offered are National Diploma: Management and Bachelor of Technology: Business Administration. Our intention is to develop students to be able to manage both people and work in any type of organization. This qualification is intended for middle managers within any business environment. Persons achieving this qualification will be competent in applying management strategies and tools, systems and techniques, in a wide variety of profit and non-profit organisations.

TABEISA, a European Union funded project was established in 1994 and is a consortium of six institutions of higher learning that came together to pursue the following aims:

  • Work together in partnership to assist previously disadvantaged communities.
  • To develop and implement strategies to ensure that higher education is fully accessible to previously disadvantaged South Africans.
  • To foster, develop and realize economic and social development within the previously disadvantaged community in South Africa. 

The six institutions involved in the Tabeisa consortium are:

  • Walter Sisulu University of Technology (WSU)
  • Durban University of Technology (DUT)
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)
  • Technikon Northern Gauteng (TNG)
  • Coventry University in UK
  • University of Greenwich in UK

The overall aim of the TABEISA is to generate increased employment for people from disadvantaged communities and to foster small business creation. The project is focused on four areas namely:

The main aim of this pillar is to mainstream entrepreneurship education within the University and outside to the local community. This is done by conducting entrepreneurship workshops for staff, students and the community and by introducing entrepreneurship education as a curriculum within the University.

The aim is to develop the research capacity of the higher education institution by building on the research skills of both staff members and students.

Learning Materials
The development of learning materials to address educational and socio - economic factors is the focus of this Tabeisa arm. An HIV/AIDS social entrepreneurship series was launched and is piloted within the institutions.

Tabeisa Enterprise Center (TEC)The WSU – Tabeisa Enterprise Center provides the following services to the students, staff members and the greater community:

  • Business advice and counselling
  • Business plan writing
  • Business registration
  • General business information through the business information library corner
  • Facilitate access to start – up and growth finance
  • Advise on taxation and legal issues
  • Training and development support
  • Office bureau and administrative services e.g. internet access, fax, photocopying, and typing.

ICT Incubators

The Trash Corp

A couple of newly qualified young students started their own company with the aim to inspire the advertising industry with fresh and modern ideas.Thrash Corp is a newly found Closed Corporation (CC) that was originally created in 2002. Despite its fair share of teething problems initially,the concept actually took off and the Thrash Corp is now officially a proud corporation, with its head office in Durban and agents in Johannesburg, Vereeniging and Bloemfontein. The Trash Corp consists of a small group of entrepreneurs, specializing in the corporate branding and advertising industry. With a slogan that reads “Dare to be different” it is clearly evident that creativity and innovation is their inspiration in all projects they embark upon. Their concepts are fresh, innovative and extraordinary. The Thrash Corp brands clothing, pens, mobile discs, handsets and almost any item capable of being branded. This group of young, trendy, highly motivated group of entrepreneurs are passionate about improving their ideas and are constantly looking to extend their ideas and generate fresh innovations.

The Thrash Corp currently provides the following services:

  • Web Hosting and Web design
  • Corporate logo design
  • Corporate branding
  • Official Future Pen distributor
  • Vinyl design and Signage
  • Clothing branding
  • Graphic designing
  • Graphical assistance and Enquiries

Sharaan Technologies

Sharaan Technologies was established in 2004 with the aim of being an Information Technology solutions provider in the ICT and Point of Sale industries in Kwa Zulu Natal.  Sharaan's membership is 100 % women. The company has fulfilled BEE requirements and certification and has membership with Durban Chamber of Commerce and the Business Women’s Association.The company aspires to develop within the Information Technology industry by strengthening its strategic alliances with industry leaders, and to be a provider of comprehensive hardware and software solutions. The company focuses on partnering, keeping and growing its customers by building positive long term relationships, based on integrity and mutual respect and to provide and manage products and services of the highest quality and value. Sharaan Technologies holds the Elo Touch Systems (touch monitors),Touch Computers, and Mediatile (Digital Sign in a Box) distribution rights for Kwa-Zulu Natal. This range of touch products has already found a significant following in the manufacturing, hospitality and retail  sectors and is setting new industry standards. Sharaan Technologies aims to match clients’ needs with any of the touch technologies available and to guide industries and individuals to make a comfortable transition to user-friendly touch screen applications. As distributors, they do all repairs and provide support locally.

Sharaan Technologies has teamed up with other distributors and therefore can offer a wide range of products such as HP, Dell, Acer, Kyocera, LG, Samsung and Phillips and a wide range of Dot matrix and Printronix line printers. They also offer a total solution for Point of sale applications from hardware to software including local support and maintenance.

Sharaan Technologies has recently started providing “in service” training for marketing and sales students from Durban University of Technology. These students complete their service with the company for 6 months to a year and thereafter find suitable employment within various sectors.