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Design Studio

The Role and Function of the Department . . .

The workload is commissioned by our client base (staff and students of DUT) and fulfils a wide range of projects. A large percentage of our projects are driven by the seasonal demands of DUT's calendar.

What Services does the Design Studio provide?

Projects vary from day-to-day corporate stationery to one-off origination of design material in accordance with the client's requirements. An important aspect of our work is to act as 'watchdog’ with regard to corporate identity and branding. We strive at all times, to ensure that staff and students alike project a positive and professional image.

How to request the Services of the Design Studio . . .

Consultation stage: the client schedules a consultation where extensive discussion takes place. We establish the desired end result, discuss the brief, share concepts/ideas/images, recommend appropriate media, and establish time-lines. Appropriate GLA and departmental codes are supplied by the client.

Creative stage: the designer brainstorms the project. Conceptual drafts are created using appropriate media.

Proof stage: The client is invited to view the concept/s on-site, or as a hard copy proof. Changes, corrections and amendments are made. On occasion, the draft indicates a new direction and additional projects are commissioned.

Printing stage: Once the client has signed off the final proof, the document is ready for reproduction. The appropriate media is selected in accordance with the requirements of the project and budget of the client. Usually, a PRN file is created and forwarded electronically to the Printing Department for internal production. For external printing, the process requires sending finished artwork to the printer and/or bureau in accordance with the specifications. Budget restrictions dictate production method.

Finishing Touches: This could range from such tasks as the final assembly of large-scale posters (cut, trim, paste and laminate) to sourcing and purchasing portfolio bags.

With regard to the body of work undertaken, a conservative estimate would be 50 projects during an average week, ranging from routine, corporate business cards to the creative demands of designing posters and support material for overseas exhibitions.


PowerPoint Presentations are growing in popularity and we have developed the appropriate skills to offer a consultative and creative service within the Design Studio. A “Master Corporate identity PowerPoint template” is available upon request.

Proof-reading is an important factor in producing professional documents and this is a service offered by the Design Studio.

Where to find us:

Adjacent Gate 1
Design Studio
Tromso Annexe - Ground Floor
Steve Biko Campus

Contact Details:

Portia Redmond:
Manager & Specialist Graphic Designer
Tel: 031 373 2520
Fax: 031 373 2355

Sanjith Dwarika:
Graphic Designer
Tel: 031 373 2643

Fiona Pillay:
Specialist Graphic Designer
Tel: 031 373 2273

Ilona Povey:
Tel: 031 373 2274

Anjie Ramjathan:
Tel: 031 373 2955

The Design Studio has its own email address:, for general communications in connection with design related tasks.