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Study Permit

How to apply for a study permit

The University is not permitted to register an international student until he/she produces a VALID study permit. It usually takes at least 6 weeks for your study permit application to be processed. It is also important for you to note that your Study Permit is issued to study at one institution. Should you want to change institutions, you would have to apply for a change of status. This can be done in country in the country applicable to the new institution of study.

International students are required to apply for a study permit at the South African High Commission, Embassy, Consulate or Trade Mission in their countries of origin. If there is no South African representative in a particular international student country, you must apply to a nearest South African High Commission, Embassy, Consulate or Trade Mission.

The following are the current requirements to be submitted to the South African Embassy/Consulate in their country when applying for a study permit:

  • Form BI- 1740 / 1739 for renewal
  • An official letter from the relevant institution confirming provisional acceptance at the institution and the duration of the course.
  • In case of persons under 21:
    • The particulars of the person in the Republic who will act as guardian and a confirmatory letter from that intended guardian.
    • Proof of consent for the intended stay from both parents or from the custodian parent along with proof of sole custody.
  • A police clearance.
  • A medical and radiological report i.r.o each applicant.
  • A marriage certificate.
  • A yellow vaccination certificate if travelling or intends travelling from or through a yellow fever area.
  • In case of a foreign state accepting responsibility i.t.o a bilateral agreement, a written undertaking in respect of the departure of the applicant.
  • Proof of medical cover with a medical scheme or other medical insurance cover recognized in the Republic.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.
  • Payment of a deposit. (In the case of students from Africa, the Government of the relevant African country submits a written undertaking to pay all costs relating to the deportation of the student).
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of payment of fees.
  • A fee of R425.00.
  • A valid passport for no less than 30 days after the expiry of the intended visit and copies of passport and last permit / visa.
  • In case of change of institution, a letter of release from study institution.

NB: Any documents that are not in English must be translated to English.


New interpretations of the regulations have been issued to the conditions of part time studies on a work permit. If you are a holder of a Work or Business permit you may apply for an endorsement to study part-time. The endorsement will only be valid for the period of the holder’s prospective Business or Work permits.

To apply for the endorsement you will:

  • Complete form BI1739
  • There is no cost for the endorsement
  • Complete form BI1739
  • There is no cost for the endorsement
  • Letter of acceptance/firm offer letter from the University
  • Original Passport and Work Permit
  • Proof of Medical Aid
  • Proof of Finance
  • Proof of Employment

Contact details for Department of Home Affairs in Durban

Department of Home Affairs
Republic of South Africa
Private Bag X09
Tel (031) 308 7911/7976
Fax (031) 308 7926


The holder of a study permit for studies at a higher education institution may conduct part-time work for a period not exceeding 20 hours per week during term and full time when the University is closed.