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Medical Aid

In terms of the Immigration Amendment Act 19 of 2004 any prospective student to the Republic of South Africa, must provide proof of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 Act 131 of 1998.

Although some insurance products may be accepted to secure a study visa, be they South African or otherwise, the DUT only accepts South African Medical Aid products approved in terms of the Medical Aid Schemes Act referred to above.

To comply with the regulations, the University requires proof of full Medical Aid cover with a South African based medical aid scheme for the full calendar year, until December of that year. Such cover must cover the minimum of hospitalisation, emergencies and day-to-day cover including medicine and doctor's visits.

It is thus advisable to make the necessary financial arrangements for the medical aid cover prior to your entry into South Africa. Should you rely on sponsorship, please ensure that you advise your sponsor of this requirement as soon as you get sponsorship or acceptance. It is not sufficient for any student to produce a letter indicating medical cover sponsorship. The sponsor must organise payment for the required medical aid cover directly to the Medical Aid Company, separate to that of the tuition fees.

The recommended medical Aid company by University is:

Ingwe Health
Contact Number: 0860 102 493 or +27 (31) 5734199
Web Address:

Purchase of other SA Medical Aid products will have to be accompanied with the same guarantee, paid up until December.