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Academic Information

Full Programmes (Degrees) or Diplomas at an undergraduate or postgraduate level please refer to Faculty specific rules and regulations. Foreign Electives (for students registered at a foreign university) DUT offers you the opportunity to complete one semester (several courses) of your programme (degree) to meet the need for foreign elective course at your home University

Study Abroad Programme

The Study Abroad Programme at the Durban University of Technology furthers your opportunity to develop relevant career skills.  The outstanding academic history, international nature and diversity of the DUT community offers you an excellent academic and socio-cultural experience.

A number of study abroad courses (+- 5 months) in specific fields of excellence within the University are available.  These are especially designed for the needs of foreign students who wish to enjoy learning in a culturally diverse community and also receive a transfer of credit.

Visiting Researchers / Post Doctoral Fellows

Researchers falling in this category are required to hold a PhD. Visiting researchers are not registered as students but have access to the library facilities at a non-refundable fee per semester. A library access card is issued by ICAM upon payment of a deposit. Please note: a visitor's visa is required for entrance into South Africa. The host department at DUT is expected to issue the researcher with a letter of invitation stating the precise duration of the research period for the visitor’s visa to be issued.

Exchange Students

Recognized exchange agreements exist between DUT and other universities whereby there is reciprocal exchange of students without payment of fees to the host university. Exchange students are required to obtain a study permit before being registered at DUT. A letter of invitation will be issued by the University. Exchange students are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

Occasional Students

Occasional students are registered for a course or a number of courses in order to complete a foreign elective requirement from their home university. Students may also be completing a practical component of their programme (degree) for a period of approximately three months.

Restricted Programme (Degree) / Courses

Certain programme (degree) /courses are what we call "restricted" - that means only a limited number of students may be admitted because of limited resources. For example, in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the number of students that can be admitted for the first year of the medical programme (degree) (MBBCh) is limited because of the limited number of hospital placements available. The Faculty Office or Student Enrolment Centre will inform you upon receipt of your application whether you have applied for a restricted programme (degree) /course, and whether you are required to amend your application and choose a different programme (degree) /course.