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Public Relations Management

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Public Relations Management Handbook

Public relations Practitioners are responsible for planning and executing programmes to establish and maintain a favourable image for their employer's organisation among the public or group with which it comes into contact.This communication can be face to face with the individual or through the mass media of radio, TV or the press. It may be spoken, written in brochures, pamphlets, feature articles in the company magazine and annual reports or audio-visually, through video, films and slide shows.

Public relations applies to a variety of activities from state organisation such as the railways, police, post office and defence force, to businesses and voluntary organisations.

Personal attributes

A Public Relations Practitioner (PRP) must have a general interest in the world around him/her, be able to remain cool under pressure and have strong writing and organisational skills, a sympathetic personality, tact and patience, as well as stamina, originality and discipline are essential for a career in Public Relations, as is a strong analytical ability.

Mission statement

The Department operates in accordance with the mission of the Durban University of Technology and within the paradigm of the philosophy of Higher Education. Though the curricula it provides tertiary, career-specific education and learning designed to:

  • Encourage creativity and academic levels to the highest possible standards and continue to upgrade the quality of its education.
  • Produce graduates who are able to function at an advanced level of career performance.
  • Promote advanced technological expertise through research and development.
  • Encourage an interdisciplinary education to satisfy the needs of commerce, industry and the community.

The Department of Public Relations will strive, with a dedicated staff, to ensure best practice and become a centre of excellence in terms of teaching and learning within its discipline.