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Marketing and Retail

Head of Department: Dr S Penceliah
Tel: 031 373 5425
Fax: 031 373 5480
Location: ML Sultan Campus, Block B, Room B17-18

Marketing and Retail Handbook

Many confuse the term marketing with selling and advertising. Whilst both of these aspects are included in the marketing function, they account for only a part of the total marketing effort. Marketing is the business discipline responsible for:

  • Identifying the people who make up a market.
  • Analysing and identifying the wants and needs of these people.
  • Planning the development of appropriate products or services that will satisfy these wants and needs.
  • Determining the most effective way to price, promote and distribute the product or service developed.

Marketing personnel are responsible for :

  • Planning the marketing programme.
  • Implementing the programme.
  • Evaluating the performance of the programme.

In order to do this efficiently, marketers need to develop an expertise in many areas including market research, sales analysis and forecasting, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, product and packaging development, pricing, distribution and the generation of profit.

Personal Qualities Required

Attributes essential for success in the field of marketing include a genuine interest and understanding of people, an ability to communicate effectively, an aptitude for figures as well as a strong motivation to succeed. The wide spectrum of potential career choices afforded by training in marketing, call for different levels of expertise and skill.