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Dr Rene Smith

Executive Dean: Faculty of Arts and Design (Acting)
031 373 6517

Dr Rene Smith is a media and development researcher, scholar and speaker. She has a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She has served on a range of governing boards and committees including the Review Board of the Film and Publications Board. She has also served in Icasa’s Broadcasting Monitoring and Complaints Committee (precursor to the CCC). She has worked in and consulted for civil society, public and private sectors and has lectured in media and communications at various institutions across South Africa.

Deputy Dean (Acting) Prof Brian Pearce
Faculty Office: DUT City Campus
Tel: 031 373 6317

Secretary to Executive Dean Ms Dita Buthelezi
Tel: 031 373 6517

Faculty Office DUT City Campus
Tel: 031 373 6520
Fax: 031 373 6518

Faculty Officer Mr Pragasen Reddy


The Faculty of Arts and Design has the long reputation of producing artists of both national and international stature. A significant number of its graduates are easily absorbed in the job market while the entrepreneurial and venturesome become self-employed and invariably become creators of employment for others.

The Faculty of Arts and Design excels in training students to unlock their expressive and artistic talents. Its philosophy is based on the notion that human talent and potential are unlimited. The Faculty offers programmes that are nationally and internationally acclaimed. It also offers a nationally unique programme in Video Technology. To assist students whose high school education was not orientated towards the Arts, the Faculty of Arts and Design offers a short programme called the Foundation Course.