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Vision and Mission


To be the preferred provider of career-focussed Horticulture and Landscaping programmes at the higher education level for the African Region.


  • Provide quality teaching, research and community engagement in the context of career-focused education within the green industry.
  • Enable graduates and communities to contribute meaningfully at all levels in the creation and development of sustainable environments and partnerships, both locally and internationally.
  • Empower staff and students to succeed in all their endeavours.
  • Contribute meaningfully to the stability and future progress of the institution.

Careers in Horticulture

One of the most rapid growth areas in the field of agriculture is that of horticulture. This new-found interest is due in a large part to an increasing awareness on the part of the general public, as people look inwardly at the need to be closer to nature and outwardly at a world in which efficient methods of food production and conservation of land are increasingly important.

Horticulture includes producing, processing and marketing fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants (turf grass, flowers, shrubs and trees grown and used for their beauty). Horticultural commodities are high labour and high income commodities.

The Durban University of Technology has a long experience in preparing young people for entry into the horticultural industry and the function of the Durban University of Technology is to provide staff and facilities to enable students to study their particular subject and gain the maximum benefit. It is for this reason that at Durban University of Technology all the horticultural sciences are taught in the context of practical reality.

Career Opportunites

There are various sources of employment for individuals trained in horticultural practices. These businesses include greenhouses, nurseries, garden centres, golf courses, municipal parks departments, government departments, orchards, floral design shops, grounds maintenance operations, vegetable and fruit growers, or self-employment.

Entrance Requirements:

National Diploma Horticulture Entrance Requirements
Bachelor of Technology Horticulture Entrance Requirements