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Head of Department: Prof G Redhi
Tel: 031 373 2300
Fax: 031 202 2671
Location: Steve Biko Campus, S10 Level 3
Secretary: Mrs Karen Ferguson
Tel:+27 31 3732300 Fax: 031 2022671
Chemistry Handbook
BTech: Chemistry application
Academic Programmes
Co-operative Education
Consulting Unit
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Research Areas

The broader vision is to provide holistic education and to advance the frontiers of knowledge for the chemical and allied industries.

The mission statement of the Department is aligned with that of the Durban University of Technology by:

  • empowering students with advanced knowledge and skills in chemistry.
  • providing value-based education and opportunities to students to help them face the challenges of life.
  • nurturing a scientific attitude, temperament, and culture among the students.
  • promoting and conducting research and development with particular relevance to the regional community.