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Management Accounting

Head of Department: Mr D Govender
Tel: 031 373 5644
Fax: 031 373 5226
Location: Ritson Campus

Management Accounting Handbook

Cost and Management Accountants help firms to improve productivity and efficiency. They provide information to management to assist in decision making. The Cost and Management Accountant would generate information on product costs, product profitability, a division's profitability, and budget and budget variances on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Reports on under-utilisation, the cost of holding excessive stocks, the effects of adding new products or dropping existing ones, and financial analyses and advice on new processes, expansion of the plant and acquiring new equipment, are all part of the job.

ND: Cost and Management Accounting Entrance Requirements
BTech: Cost and Management Accounting Entrance Requirements
MTech: Cost and Management Accounting Entrance Requirements