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Auditing and Taxation

Head of Department: Mr Divak Reddy
Tel: 031 373 6871
Secretary: Mrs Joyce Naicker
Tel: 031 373 5610

Auditing and Taxation Handbook


Tel: 031 373 5610
Fax: 031 373 5601
Location: Ritson Campus

The Department consists of well qualified staff members, including Chartered Accountants. The Department is in constant touch with the professional bodies, and its members, and industry at large. The BTech: Internal Auditing degree plus practical experience allows students to write the Certified Internal Auditors Examinations (CIA), a Programme Qualification.


Tel: 031 373 5344
Fax: 031 373 5448
Location: ML Sultan Campus

This is an internationally respected business qualification. 70% of C.I.S. members hold executive positions in the business world. The qualification leads the way in corporate governance and members are more in demand since the publication of the King Report and the likelihood of mandatory company secretary legislation. The status of members in the accounting field will be further enhanced by the changes of the Accounting Profession Act.

The Chartered Secretary is the person who holds the central business management post in today’s company. He/she has the responsibility for tasks ranging from accounts to economics, research and planning to finance, from sales to computerisation to personnel management and corporate governance.

Duties involve analysing the marketplace and ensuring that the business is properly prepared to compete efficiently and profitably. The business manager must have the understanding and knowledge to adapt organisational methods or structures to continue performing successfully. The graduate will work in a company or in private practice.

Duties will include changes in company law, taxation, insurance, manufacturing regulations, employment conditions, computer systems and much more that can affect the smooth running of a modern South African business.