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Professor Thiruthlall (Nips) Nepal

Executive Dean: Faculty of Accounting and Informatics
031 373 5597
031 373 5593

Prof Nepal was appointed as the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics from 1 December 2007.

He has a Doctoral Degree in Information Technology from the M L Sultan Technikon, 2 Masters of Science degrees, one in Computer Science from the University of Natal, and the other in Information Systems from University of South Africa. He also holds an Honours in Commerce and an Accounting Science degree from the University of Natal.


Welcome to the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics at the Durban University of Technology.

Faculty Vision
Promoting leadership in business and related technology through real world education

Faculty Mission Statement

Mission is:

  • Promoting quality in teaching and learning.
  • Encouraging a culture of ongoing research.
  • Engaging business, the profession and other relevant stakeholders to provide relevant career focused education.

Strategic focus areas:

  • Students centred teaching and learning and assessments.
  • Research development and innovation.
  • External engagement.
  • Enabling environment,
  • Staff development and retention

The Faculty of Accounting and Informatics is a diverse, dynamic faculty made up of departments in Information Technology and Accounting. These departments are: Auditing and Taxation, Finance and Information Management (PMB), Financial Accounting, Information and Corporate Management, Information Technology and Management Accounting. The faculty has departments on the Ritson, ML Sultan and Riverside campuses. The programs offered by the departments are also varied. They include; Internal Auditing, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Office Management and Technology, Library and Information Studies, Financial Information Systems and Information Technology. In addition, the Department of Information Technology services other departments within the faculty and other departments in the other faculties within the University.

Our qualifications range from the under graduate National Diplomas, to post graduate Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Technology.

Our faculty is at the forefront with the production of dynamic graduates, increasing research output, increasing academic aptitude with industry related focus, and developing sound teaching methods. We succeed by attracting the top students and students with the ability to be visionaries. This is further achieved by ensuring a theoretical as well as the experiential component are encompassed in our qualifications.The qualifications are highly rated in industry. Together with the academic achievement and increasing analytical and cognitive development comes the students' awakening potential of their own capabilities, from social skills to progressive leadership’s styles.

Each student opens for themselves new horizons as they progress from strength to strength towards success.

We look forward to welcoming you into this Faculty.

Contact Information

Faculty Office:
Mrs N Singh-Sakichand
Tel: (031) 373 5670
Fax: 086 262 6836

Location of Faculty office: East Wing, Hotel School Building, Ritson Campus

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