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Durban and Midlands

The Durban Alumni Evening was held on Thursday, 11 June 2009 at the Hotel School. Almost 150 alumni crammed into the Hotel School eager to listen to the proceedings taking place. Presentations were made by Ms Nicky Muller, Post Graduate Development and Support Directorate, on the incentives on offer for Post Graduate students. Alumni were also addressed by Professor du Pre’, who was delighted at the fantastic turnout. He spoke on DUT’s move towards becoming a fully integrated UoT. The Durban event was a precursor to the Homecoming which was scheduled for July 2009. Mr David Sedumedi, Manager of Convocation, informed guests of the current developments and programmes Convocation had embarked on and called on alumni to support their alma mater in whatever way they could. He also thanked alumni for making the time to attend as well as the presenters.