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Bursary Fund

The Convocation of the Durban University of Technology has embarked on a campaign to raise funds towards the Alumni Bursary Fund.

Academically deserving and financially needy students will have the opportunity to realise their dreams of obtaining a tertiary qualification from the Durban University of Technology. Despite there being numerous bursaries and scholarships on offer to students, it is still not adequate to address the large number of students who require financial assistance.
We are sure that the Alumni Bursary Fund which we anticipate to grow substantially over the years will help in reducing the numbers that apply for assistance. Your contribution will open doors to students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to study. Your payment can be a once-off payment of R600.00 or a monthly contribution of R50. Receipts will be issued for all donations and these are tax deductible.

Tel: 031 373 2549 / 373 2479
Fax: 0866 740 952
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Give-a-Tiger Campaign

The “Give-a-Tiger Campaign” (‘Tiger’ being slang for R10) is an initiative of the DUT Convex, arising out of a campaign by Alumni of the Durban University of Technology (and its legacy Institutions) which started in 2011 to raise funds for a bursary fund that would afford the disadvantaged yet meritorious students an opportunity to pursue their studies at their Alma Mater – the Durban University of Technology.

The “Give-a-Tiger Campaign” is initiated in honour of all the Alumni of the Durban University of Technology, and its legacy Institutions, who, in spite of all the socio-economic challenges, worked hard to achieve their academic goals of obtaining a qualification and thus be recognised as an alumnus of the esteemed Durban University of Technology, undoubtedly one of the best Universities of Technology in Africa.

The Bursary Fund, as a result of this campaign wishes to recognise the dedication, determination and drive of previously disadvantaged graduates, by giving them the opportunity to contribute to the current generation of young people of South Africa by giving them a gift that lasts a life time – an educational qualification from the Durban University of Technology.

As members of the DUT Alumni, we recognize that every contribution to this initiative would afford our country's young people an opportunity to participate and contribute in changing the socio-economic conditions of our country. This is a responsibility we embrace.

Make a contribution – “Give-a-Tiger”

As a member of the Alumni of the Durban University of Technology, and its legacy Institutions, you can become a part of this noble initiative by donating a minimum of R10.00 monthly for a period of 2 years. The first 1 000 highest donors over a period of 2 years will be regarded as Founder Donors, and would be listed as such recognitions in the Alumni Annual Report at the end of the 2 year circle. For the subsequent years, an increase of between 20%-80% is recommended. However, donations of any amount are also most welcome (download our pledge form).

All South African donors will be issued with an 18A Tax Certificate. This allows donors to deduct donations made to registered Section 18A organizations from their taxable income (Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962).