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To provide general audiovisual services to all DUT stakeholders, in particular academic and administrative departments, with the aim of supporting and contributing to quality teaching, learning and research output in the University.

Services Offered

  • Videography
    This includes inter alia, recording of all functions and special events, student projects, fieldwork, compiling and brand presentations of departmental promotional videos, seminars and conferences.  Editing and animation work on multimedia programs.
  • Photography
    Photography of all university functions, exhibitions, conferences and seminars. Documenting and DVD presentations of student portfolios for assessment. Quality printing and photo framing.
  • Quality Lamination and Duplicating Services
    Laminating up to A1 size of posters, pictures, etc.
    Transfers and compilation from video to DVD, including multimedia duplication.
  • Loan of Equipment
    LCD projectors, OHPs, video cameras and PA systems are available for loan as per bookings on a first come first serve basis.
  • Setting up Audiovisual Equipment
    Setting up and operating AV equipment for all DUT events, lecture venues, graduation ceremonies, conferences and seminars.
  • Technical Support
    To provide technical support and advice for purchasing and hiring of equipment.

Contact Details

Nelson Munsamy
Manager: Audiovisual Services Department
Tel: 031 373 5412
Fax: 031 373 5250
Fax2Email: 0866740862
Keith Kenneth
Audiovisual Officer
Tel: 031 373 5377
Morgen Kisten
Audiovisual Officer
Tel: 031 373 2247
Robin Moodley
Audiovisual Officer
Tel: 031 373 5107
Terrence Naidoo
Audio Visual Assistant
Tel: 031 373 5237
Jerry Sylvester
Audiovisual Officer
Tel: 031 373 2598